Politicians and environmentalist from across the globe gathered in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro at the Rio+20 conference. United by the slogan “The future we want” they came together to debate the environmental challenges of our planet.

My team and I refuse to await action to be taken by politicians and have therefore taken to heart the guiding principle of “think global, act local”. At Hotel Longchamps we seek to act responsibly; in this sense, I  have started offering my guests foods and drinks free of pesticides and other artificial additives as of October 2012.

While food products at Hotel Longchamps are attained from organic Egyptian agriculture, they are certified according to European organic farming norms.

The vegetables as well as the fruit served at my  hotel is  almost exclusively certified. Herbs, such as basil and oregano, used to season my  meals are equally attained from organic farmers.

Remaining food products, that are not certified, I  purchase from established retailers known for their ecological efforts.